Opt out of the Open Register

Use this form to remove your details from the Open Register. If others in your household would also like to be excluded, you can request this on their behalf.

Before you start

The Open Register is an extract of the Electoral Register that is available to buy (formerly known as the Edited Register or Version for Sale).

Being excluded from the Open Register simply means that your details are not available to purchase for marketing purposes. It does not affect your right to vote or your credit rating.

The law enabling people to opt out was introduced in November 2001. Before then, anyone could buy the whole Electoral Register for a fee. Organisations that bought a copy before the law changed could still be using your details. Your details may have also been made available if you didn't opt out in each year since 2002.

You can visit the Information Commissioner's Office for further guidance.

What happens next

Once your request has been received by Electoral Services, you will be sent official confirmation that your details will be excluded from the Open Register the next time it is published.

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Updated: 25 April 2017