Household rubbish

We collect collect rubbish on the same day every week from every household in the borough, apart from Bank Holidays. If a collection is missed, we'll make sure we come back to collect it within 2 working days of being informed.

Household waste ready for collection

What we ask of you...

  • Place your waste out for collection at the front boundary of your property, visible from the road, by 6am on your collection day.
  • If you do not have a front garden, do not put your rubbish out on the public highway until as late as possible on the evening before your collection day. Please don't cause an obstruction.
  • Make sure your bins placed on the public highway are placed back on your own property as soon as possible after collection.
  • Put your rubbish out in securely tied sacks or in a bin with a lid so it’s protected from scavenging animals and from causing litter. Putting a lid on your bin also prevents it from becoming waterlogged and people throwing litter in it.
  • Please do not put food waste in your bin or bin bag. It will attract foxes and other scavengers, and ripped bags and spilled bins create litter in your street. Please use our food waste collection service for all food waste - raw or cooked. You will reduce costs to the Council and your food waste will be recycled into useful fertiliser and reusable energy.
  • If your domestic waste collection is missed by our contractors, do let us know.

Enforcement action

If you do not manage your waste properly, our Street Scene Enforcement Team may become involved. You'll receive advice and warnings before more formal enforcement action is taken. This may include issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice, or legal proceedings in serious cases.

Contact us

If you have a general query about this service, contact us online or see our contacts page for more options.

Updated: 21 March 2014