Housing Register points scheme

We use a points threshold system to allocate housing in the Borough.

We award points based on the information you give us in your online application. You will be considered for housing once you reach the number of points required for the type of property you are applying for.

The information below shows how we allocate points.

Quota referrals

We have agreements with various organisations to rehouse people under special arrangements. If you are referred to us in this way, we will give you additional priority.

If we receive a general referral to support your application, we will consider the information through the medical or welfare and social assessment process.

Local Connection

Extra points are awarded based on your local connection to the Borough. A local connection usually means you have lived or worked in the Borough for the last six months. There can also be exceptional circumstances where you may qualify for local connection points.

Find out how many local connection points can be awarded.

Working households

We will give additional priority to working households where one or more of the household are working. This has to be employed or self-employed paid meaningful work for a minimum of 16 hours per week for 5 out of the last 6 months. Points will be removed if you stop work. These points do not apply to applicants who do not reside in the borough.

80 points

Community contribution

We will give additional priority to a household where at least one member of the household is involved in activities which make a significant contribution to the community. This could include volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation for a minimum of 18 hours per month. This would have to be for a minimum of two years at the time of application. Points would be removed if you did not continue to meet the criteria. These points do not apply to applicants who do not reside in the borough.

50 points

If your household qualifies for working points, community contribution points do not apply.

Welfare and social

If you have welfare or social needs, you should fill in our Housing Welfare/Social Grounds Form(pdf, 123KB) and provide details of who is supporting you and can verify your situation. You cannot be awarded points if your situation has already been considered in another category, for example, overcrowding.

Examples of social and welfare needs, where we may award points:

  • Fear of violence
  • Harassment and racial harassment
  • The need to be near relatives for support/care needs
  • The need to be near a hospital, GP, Special Needs School
  • Welfare/social/educational effects of overcrowding in the home

50 welfare points can be awarded. 100 welfare points will be awarded in the most serious cases such as child protection or adult safeguarding. 200 welfare points can be awarded in exceptional circumstances.


If there are strong medical reasons why you or anyone in your application needs to be rehoused, or you, or a member of your household has a disability, please fill in our Medical/Disability Self-assessment Form(pdf, 146KB). We will then contact your doctor for more information if necessary. Our medical adviser will then look at the information you and your doctor provide, and assess whether your current housing situation is affecting your health or the health of anyone else on your application.

The points we award depend on how serious the illness is and how your current accommodation is affecting your health. We award points on a sliding scale, from 15 up to 50 points. The medical adviser will assess all the medical needs of your family and may recommend the award of extra points on a sliding scale up to 100 points.

In exceptional cases, the medical adviser may recommend your case be given priority by awarding 200 points. This only happens if your condition is life threatening or terminal and your existing accommodation is making your health worse.

We will write to advise you of the number of points awarded.

Property defects

If your property needs repairs, please let us know. If the repairs are only minor we will give you 10 points. If the disrepair problems are very serious we will refer your case for an Environmental Health Officer to visit.

The Environmental Health Officer will visit your property to give advice and make written recommendations to you that will improve the situation around any disrepair.

Should the disrepair be serious Notice will be given to your landlord to carry out the repairs within a given timescale. You will be awarded 50 points. These points will be removed once the repairs have been carried out to the satisfaction of the Environmental Health Officer.

For serious disrepair which makes the property unsuitable for the household to continue to occupy 200 points will be awarded. This needs to be confirmed by a written report from the Environmental Health Officer.

Temporary accommodation

If you have made a homeless application and the council has accepted a duty to rehouse you and provided you with temporary accommodation, we will give you

50 points.

You will also receive time-in-need points at 25 a month (up to 900).

Applicants who have had duty discharged by finding suitable accommodation in the private rented sector will not be awarded these points. You may join the Housing Register if you are continuing to live in the borough.


If you are living with relatives and friends and they are asking you to leave, we will give you 50 points. We may visit to verify your circumstances.

If you own your own home and the mortgage lender have issued you with a valid Notice, we will give you 50 points.

If you are renting privately and your landlord gives you a valid Notice, we will give you 50 points.

Court order

If you are renting privately and your landlord obtains a court order to evict you, we will give you an additional 25 points.

Facilities sharing

If you don’t have a living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet or hot water, or if you have to share them with people other than your household, you will get the points listed below.

Room or item No facilities Sharing facilities
Cooking facilities 10 5
Hot water 5 0
Bath or shower 15 5
Separate living room 10 0

We will not award these points if you do not have or have to share certain facilities while you are in temporary accommodation that we have provided.


We will give you points if you do not have enough bedrooms for the size of your family.

Find out how many overcrowding points can be awarded.

Separated families

If your family have previously lived together but now have to live in two separate homes, we will give you 20 points.

If you have to live in more than two separate homes, we will give you 40 points.

Age points

We will give you points if you or your partner are over 65. The points will be based on the older person’s age.

Age in years Points
65 to 74 10
75 to 79 20
80 and over 30


If you are pregnant, we will give you 5 points. Your points will be re-assessed after your baby is born.

Low income and savings

We will give you 5 points if you receive benefits which depend on your incolme such as:

  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Housing Benefit or Tax Credits

If you have savings of less than £3000, we will give you 5 points.

No fixed address

If you are sleeping rough in this borough, we will give you 80 points. We will need confirmation from agencies within the borough to confirm your situation.

Updated: 3 July 2014