Credit Card handling fees

Credit card payments to the Council are subject to a handling fee.

  • The credit card handling fee is 1.65%
  • There is no handling fee for debit card payments
  • Credit card handling fees do not apply to Parking and Bus Lane Fines

What is a handling fee?

A credit card handling fee is a charge that applies when you choose to make a payment by credit card.

By applying handling fees, the Council can recoup some of the transaction charges it pays to credit card companies when credit cards are used.

The Council won’t make money from handling fees, as it will only recoup some of the charges it pays to credit card companies. The handling fee percentage will be set at a level equal to, but not exceeding, the lowest transaction charge levied to the Council by credit card companies.

How does it work?

When paying over the Internet or by automated telephone, the payment systems will automatically identify whether a card is a credit or debit card and whether a handling fee should apply.

You will be advised that a handling fee is due to be added before you commit to the payment, as well as the handling fee amount and total payable.

The payment systems will automatically calculate the handling fee for credit card payments using the current handling fee percentage and add this to the normal payment amount.

If you require any further information about handling fees, please contact the details shown on your bill, invoice, or letter.

Credit card handling fees have applied since April 2010.

Prior to 26/06/2012 the handling fee was 1.80%.

Updated: 24 May 2016