Draft Supplementary Planning Documents

We are currently consulting on Draft Supplementary Planning Documents. You can send us your views online, or respond by post.

Old Deer Park Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

We have been working with residents, businesses, community groups and organisations to create planning guidelines for the Old Deer Park Conservation Area, and have prepared a SPD for the area.  The draft SPD is now available for the formal stage of public consultation from 8 December 2017 until 22 January 2018.

Let us know your views

We would like your views on the draft SPD before it is finalised. You can view the relevant documents, find further information on how to respond, see details of consultation events, and complete the online questionnaire on the consultation hub.

Once adopted, the SPD will guide future developments and environmental improvements to help ensure that they are sensitive to the historic attributes of the Park, whilst supporting the important recreational, sporting, and community activities within the Park.

 What happens next?

The final version of the SPD, taking account of consultation responses, is anticipated to be adopted in the early part of 2018.

Draft Village Planning Guidance Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) for Strawberry Hill and Twickenham

The Council has prepared Draft Village Planning Guidance SPDs for the Strawberry Hill and the Twickenham Village areas. The SPDs were available for public consultation from 16 June until 28 July 2017. Further information regarding the consultation process, including the number of responses received, is available on the consultation hub.

The draft SPDs provide a vision for the village areas. The SPDs identify the ‘local character’ of the area and what features need to be retained. Once adopted, the SPDs will help to maintain and enhance this local character. The SPDs establish key design principles for new development and will be taken into account by the Council when deciding on planning applications. This is both for new development and changes to existing buildings.

What happens next?

The final versions of the SPDs, taking account of consultation responses, are expected to be adopted and published in early 2018.  

View further information about current and future Village Plans.

Draft Noise Sensitive and Noise Generating Development Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Council consulted on a draft Noise Sensitive and Noise Generating Development(pdf, 822KB), which provides noise related policy and technical guidance for noise generating and noise sensitive development.

The consultation on the draft SPD took place from 30 September to 11 November 2016 and it is anticipated that the SPD will be adopted in early 2018.


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Updated: 7 December 2017