Advice on the planning application process

If you would like advice on any of the following matters, you can email us and an officer will respond within 5 working days.

Advice topics

  • Planning Application forms (guidance on the applicable forms)
  • Planning Application fees
  • Information that should be submitted with an application
  • The planning application and Prior Approval process (consultation, assessment and determination)
  • The Permitted development process including applications which may require prior approval
  • Lodging a representation on a planning application (what issues are pertinent)
  • Planning Committee process
  • The planning appeal process
  • Applicable policies and adopted guidance

How to get advice

Email, making sure to include:

  • Address
  • Proposal description
  • Contact email address and phone number

Please note that no view will be expressed regarding the merits or acceptability of any proposal and the advice above is given without prejudice.

If you would like an opinion from the Council on the acceptability of a scheme, it will be necessary to follow the formal pre-application process, which is chargeable.

Updated: 13 December 2016