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  • Pay

    You can pay for many Council services online.
  • Play

    Information about play services and facilities across the borough.
  • News

    Events and updates from local groups, organisations and the Council.
  • Arts

    Arts for everyone, including exhibitions in three galleries, a diverse range of arts festivals, and award-winning family activities.
  • Youth

    Opportunities for young people in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.
  • Audit

    To ensure Council Tax payers' funds are used correctly, the Internal Audit and Investigations Service (IAIS) has access to all Council property and can inspect all records and correspondence.
  • Trees

    We are responsible for the management of more than 16,000 street trees and trees in parks and open spaces.
  • Wi-Fi

    Register for 30 minutes free Wi-Fi every day.
  • Sports

    We offer a range of sports and fitness activities to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Litter

    Dropping or depositing litter on any land open to the air is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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