Twickenham Rediscovered - Riverside development

View information on the Twickenham Riverside project, including details of previous proposals and consultations. 

Planning application

We have submitted a planning application for Twickenham Riverside. Neighbours and local residents are being consulted as part of the planning process. The publicity period for the planning application will run until Friday 5 January 2018.

In order to retain control over the quality of the development, we will not be seeking to hand control of the scheme to a developer. By not involving a developer the overall development financial appraisal improves (no ‘developer’s profit’).

You can view a financial viability summary (pdf, 377 KB) for the scheme. More detailed information has been published as part of the planning application.

Previous consultations

Autumn 2017 consultation

From 9 to 30 October, we held a consultation on the latest proposals for Twickenham Riverside that were developed using feedback from residents and businesses.

There were exhibitions, online information and a 3D model of proposals.

The feedback from the autumn survey and drop-in sessions has now been evaluated and we have published a consultation report presenting this feedback, including a summary of all the consultation activity carried out over the past two years regarding the site and the key messages heard.

Summer 2017 consultation

From 13 June to 11 July, we invited you to have your say on the plans for redevelopment and areas including servicing, access and parking, landscaping and building uses.

Autumn/Winter 2016 consultation

In November/December 2016, Richmond Council consulted residents and businesses in Twickenham on proposals for a new ‘village feel’ for the development on King Street / Water Lane and Twickenham Riverside. This consultation included an exhibition of three proposals at a pop-up shop on Church Street and online survey. Over 630 people completed a survey.

The results showed that almost half of the respondents ranked proposal one as their first choice, with 29% preferring proposal two.

Proposal one

A single building that runs down Water Lane from King Street and a second building that faces the Embankment. In front of this is a generous river terrace and improved access to the Diamond Jubilee Gardens.

Proposal two

An ‘L’ shaped building running down Water Lane from King Street with three with buildings, with pedestrian routes in between, that face the Embankment. The proposal offers a river terrace, improved access to the Diamond Jubilee Gardens and an extension of the Garden’s ‘event space’.

Both proposals have a similar King Street façade, with a covered square, leading onto a raised pedestrian walkway.

Summer 2016 consultation

In summer 2016, we ran a consultation including a series of workshops and engaged with residents, businesses and community groups.

View further summer 2016 consultation information.

Architects competition

In 2015, we invited architects to enter a design competition and submit proposals for Twickenham riverside. 

Updated: 11 January 2018