Handserenity Holistic Health offers Reiki & Crystal Reiki Treatments for adults, children & your pets. In addition, Reiki Workshops and Online Courses, Angel Tarot Readings and Crystals for purchasing. Emma Hands is very intuitive, empathetic and sensitive and has been on a spiritual path for the last 20 years which all began with crystals and crystal healing. Emma is a Certified Reiki Master & Tarot Reader and has diplomas in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Nutrition, plus extensive life skills that ensure she can help you to become the best version of YOU. Handserenity is here to help as many people as possible live without fear, anxiety and stress and to teach how our thoughts manifest our world. More details at Handserenity.com, payment can be via cash, credit & debit Cards, Apple Pay & Paypal with discounts for block bookings. Call 07949089265, I am based in East Twickenham. Have an amazing day.


Flat 4 Henrietta Court 263 Richmond Road


Website: www.handserenity.com

Twitter: @handserenity


  • 10% of Animal Reiki for your Pets with Handserenity

    Reiki for Animals works like that as for humans, working to maintain optimum health, remove negative fears & emotions, easing pain, relieving stress & anxiety and can help with their development and overall wellbeing. Treatments work best performed in their own environment and I am happy to travel in the local Richmond Upon Thames area. My Regular scheme saves £20 a session or Save 10% today with code RC01. Email emma@handserenity.com or call 0794989265. I adore helping others and look forward to hearing from you Emma

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  • Regular Reiki Scheme SAVE £20 Per Treatment with Handserenity

    Our emotional health is as important as our physical health and this is where regular Reiki sessions can help. For £45 a month (Saving £20 a Session) you can ensure stress relief, removal of anxiety, the easing of pain and removal of negative energy blockages that can lead to illness & disease. Treatments help with productive decision making, especially at challenging times and can be very grounding. Reiki is a natural and safe method of healing and self improvement, session are performed fully clothed on a treatment table & really can change your life and mental clarity. I work hours to suit my clients 7 days a week. Call 07949089265 or emailemma@handserenity.com. Have an awesome day Emma

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  • Introduce a Friend & Get £20 off your next Reiki session with Handserenity (expired)

    Reiki is fabulous for everyone & can really help with anxiety, depression & stress & to ignite the immune system to heal, to help us recover from ailments. Once you have had your first session & recommend my services to a friend, you get £20 off your next Treatment, they just need to book in for their session. Email emma@handserenity.com or call 07949089265, Change Your Life Today.

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  • Launching the NEW Regular Reiki Scheme SAVE £20 per treatment (expired)

    NEW Scheme where for £45 per month you receive a regular monthly Reiki Treatment. I am asked daily ‘how often should I have Reiki’ & it should be as frequently as possible, as part of your health regime, to ensure you are at optimum health; that you can fully heal from extreme blockages/ dis-eases & to create an environment where you feel grounded and calm no matter what is happening externally beyond your control. To sign up all you need to do is click the subscribe button here: http://www.handserenity.com/reiki & £45 will be deducted from your chosen payment method. It is a saving of £20 per treatment, all I ask is for a commitment of a minimum 3 months, (Saving of £60!) so we can really bring your mind, body & spirit into alignment. Amazing healing, self-care and personal growth and improvement and all for less than the price of a meal out. There is no contract with this scheme, you are free to cancel at any time.

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  • Mother’s Day Discounts on Gift Vouchers for Reiki Treatments (expired)

    Taking time to unwind, relax and de-stress from everyday life is vital so why not treat your Mum, your Best Friend or Yourself to a Reiki Energy Healing Session? I have gift voucher & block booking discounts so do get in touch & they can be emailed to you TODAY! Vouchers last for 6 months & appointment times are flexible to suit my clients. Reiki clears emotional, physical & mental blockages from our bodies, ignites our immune systems and helps us with personal growth and wellbeing, it really is amazing! Visit Handserenity.com I am by Richmond Bridge or call 07949089265

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  • Reiki I, II & Master Teacher Level Certified Online Courses 75% OFF (expired)

    Looking to learn new ways to remove stress, anxiety and fear from your world? It is vital we discover our own coping mechanisms & daily self-Reiki is truly amazing for this, even 10 minutes a day. Reiki is a natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to our bodies, minds and souls. Life choices and challenges cause the flow of energy within us to be stifled. Treatments aid relaxation, stress and anxiety relief and ease pain. This healing energy stimulates the immune system and our own ability to heal, hence why it is now practiced at hospitals throughout the world, such as Great Ormond Street in London. Visit Handserenity.com or call 07949089265 for more details. Have an amazing day, Emma.

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