Storage and sale of fireworks

Trading Standards enforce the law on the sale and storage of fireworks.

Firework laws

It is illegal:

  • to sell adult fireworks or sparklers to anyone under the age of 18; and
  • for anyone under the age of 18 to possess fireworks in a public place.

It is the trader's responsibility to ensure to be aware of, and comply with the regulations manufacture and storage of explosives.


Trading Standards will not normally visit your premises before granting a registration. The authority may prohibit storage of explosives at the site if it believes the site is unsafe. It may also take enforcement action if you are not storing safely.

If you are planning to sell adult fireworks outside the following periods of the year:

  • 15 October to 10 November
  • 26 December to 31 December
  • On the first day of the Chinese New Year and the 3 day immediately preceding it
  • On the day of Diwali and the 3 days immediately preceding it

You may also need a £500 licence under the Fireworks Regulations 2004.

Read our guidance for traders about the selling and storage of fireworks.


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Updated: 15 June 2017