Family Group Conference

A Family Group Conference (FGC) gives you and your family a chance to come together and create a plan that helps you out with some of the difficulties in your life.

How it works

Answers to questions you may have about your FGC.

Who attends?

Whoever has been identified as important to you may be asked to come to your FGC. Sometimes it is not possible for everyone you want to be there because they cannot make it, it is not safe or they may not be able to help make good decisions to go in your plan.

If someone cannot come the Coordinator can still get their views and this can be presented at the FGC.

You do not have to attend but may wish to choose someone to represent your views and your voice.

What happens?

Your social worker will discuss with you the good things about your family, and also the things that cause worry.

You will then be left alone with your family to decide on your own plan to address these issues. Don’t worry, the Coordinator will be outside and can come and make sure everything is alright. You can take a break if you need to.

When you and your family are finished the Coordinator and Referrer will come back in and someone can present the plan. If it is safe, legal, possible and has answered the concerns raised, the plan should be agreed.

There may be things you cannot agree but your social worker should make this clear to you and your family. This may be because it would not be either safe or possible to do so.


It should be made clear in your meeting who is doing what part of your plan and how it is to be checked.

You will be offered a review meeting, which can be used to see what is going well and what is not going so well.


The FGC service does not take referrals directly from members of the public.

If you have not been referred but feel like you should be please discuss with your Social Worker.

Updated: 16 November 2017