Landlord licences

Private landlords are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate licences for their properties if applicable. 

Currently only landlords who rent houses in multiple occupation (HMO) need a licence.

Who needs a licence

An HMO licence is required if all of the following apply:

  • It has three or more storeys
  • It has five or more people in more than one household
  • Some or all of the occupants share amenities such as bathrooms, toilets or cooking facilities
  • At least one of the occupants pays rent (or the accommodation is linked to their employment)
  • It is the occupiers' main residence
  • It is not an exempt property such as a student hall of residence or owned or managed by the Council, a social landlord or the NHS.

HMO Licences

An HMO is a house or flat which is occupied by three or more people forming two or more households, which means that at least one of the occupiers is not related to the others (two if the owner lives in the property with them).

Find out more about HMOs and responsibilities.

HMO licence costs

The current fee structure for an HMO licence was introduced by the Council on 22 June 2017. You can read the full background report to the decision to set these fees. 

Standard HMO Licence Fee and Re-Licence Fee
Number of bedrooms ('units of accommodation' or 'households') Fee on application (non refundable) Fee on grant of licence
1 £929 £560
2 £991 £560
3 £1,053 £560
4 £1,115 £560
5 £1,177 £560
6 £1,240 £560
7 £1,302 £560
8 £1,364 £560
9 £1,426 £560
10+ £1,489 £560

When a licence will be granted

Licences will be granted if the:

  • House is or can be made suitable for multiple occupation
  • Applicant is a fit and proper person and the most appropriate person to hold the licence
  • Proposed manager has control of the house, and is a fit and proper person to be the manager
  • Management arrangements are satisfactory.

Tacit consent does not apply - this means that you do not acquire a licence just by applying for it - the Council has to approve and issue the licence.

Mandatory and discretionary licence conditions will apply. For more information read our HMO licensing policy(pdf, 94KB). The Council may add other conditions to your licence to improve the standard of the facilities or to make the house safer.

How to apply

To apply for a licence complete our HMO licensing application form (pdf, 291 KB).

Return details are included on the form.


You should first contact us if you have an issue or query regarding an HMO licence application.

You can appeal a decision or make a complaint regarding an HMO licence to the Residential Property Tribunal. Any appeal must be made within 28 days of the decision being made.

HMO Register

We maintain a register of licensed HMOs in the borough.

This is the short version of the HMO register giving the property details only. You can check if a property in the borough has an HMO licence. Not all HMOs require a licence.

Please contact us if you think a property should have an HMO licence but is not on this list.


Telephone: 020 8487 5123


Updated: 8 February 2018