Credit problems and the electoral register

The electoral register is often used for credit referencing purposes to confirm identity and counteract fraud. You may be denied credit if your details cannot be confirmed on the register.

Find out if you are on the electoral register

You can find out from us whether you are on the register by applying for a certificate of registration. If registered, we can supply you with a copy of your record. Each certificate costs £29, plus £7.50 each for any additional years listed.

If you have already provided confirmation that you are registered to your bank or credit reference agency, any further problems will have to be taken up with them.

If the record of a person who used to live at your property is preventing you from obtaining credit, you should contact the credit reference agencies to ask for a "disassociation".

Credit history enquiries

The Information Commissioner’s Office has details on how to check your credit reference file.

If your are enquiring about your credit history, the credit reference agencies are entitled to apply for the new electoral roll but it is up to them to do so and to then update their records, which can take some time.


Being 'excluded from version for sale' simply means that details of those residents are not available to purchase for marketing purposes. It does not affect credit rating as credit reference agencies are sent the full register (which is simply a list of names and addresses, no other information such as contact details appear).

Updated: 10 August 2018