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The Health and Wellbeing Board brings together key leaders from the health and social care to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. The Board helps to give communities a greater say in understanding and addressing their local health and social care needs.

About the Health and Wellbeing Board

The Richmond Health and Wellbeing Board is a partnership between Richmond Council, local GPs, Clinical Commissioning Group and Voluntary Sector. Closer working between Richmond Council and local health professionals presents a great opportunity to improve the lives of our residents and promote a healthier borough.

The board was set up as part of the Government's 2012 reorganisation of the health service. It brings together the Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group to agree shared priorities for improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Richmond.

Goals of the board

The focus of the board is to:

  1. Improve population health and reduce health inequalities
  2. Reform the way the health and care system works
  3. Protect the health of residents

It will do this by:

  • Leading the development of the council’s role in integrating the commissioning of health, social care and other services
  • Leading the development of local partnerships for health and social care which share a common view about local need, priorities and service development
  • Ensuring the engagement and involvement of local people in the development of the health and social care system locally
  • Working with regional and pan London bodies to ensure that the health and social care needs of local people are understood and taken account of in the commissioning of services at regional and pan London level

Read more about the board's Community Engagement Framework (pdf, 121KB)

Meetings and events

Health and Wellbeing Board meetings and events:


A number of other partners and partnerships work alongside the Health and Wellbeing Board, these include:

Further information

For more information about the Richmond Health and Wellbeing Board contact

Updated: 07 July 2022

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