Community Heroes' Awards 2019 winners and nominees

The winners for the 2019 Community Heroes’ Awards have now been announced. The awards categories are:

Award nominations

Over 127 nominations were received for this year’s awards, highlighting all those people, groups and businesses who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the highest level of support and assistance within their community. A judging committee, made up of Councillors, local voluntary sector leaders and council officers reviewed all the nominations.

The below list summarises all the winners and those that were nominated.

Winners and nominees

Special Awards

  • Leader’s Community Hero Award: Karin Noble
  • Leader’s Community Hero Award: Jacob Heller and Sol Myhill
  • Youth Bravery Commendation: Eliada Idehen
  • Youth Bravery Commendation: Briony Cole-Gibson
  • Special Lifetime Achievement (posthumous): John Thompson

Business contribution in the community

Winner: One Paved Court

Highly Commended: Richmond Runfest


  • Nita Sharma
  • Ultralux Windows
  • The Refill Larder
  • Neetash Gandhi

Community group of the year

Winner: Richmond Talking Newspaper

Highly Commended: CoderDojo


  • Kew Neighbourhood Association
  • Richmond Gateway Club


  • Homelink
  • Helping Hands
  • Fifth Teddington (Methodist) Guides
  • Inspired Women
  • Hospital Bridge Road Residents Action Group
  • The Kew Society

Community project of the year

Winner: Real Junk Food Project

Highly Commended: Baby and ME

Highly Commended: Youth Scrutiny


  • Kew Community Trust - Community Social Evenings
  • The Basement Door Project
  • OSO Arts Centre Barnes
  • Barnes Film Festival

Community spirit

Winner: Steven Mindel

Highly Commended: Arlette Ford

Highly Commended: Michel Birkenwald


  • Jane Witham
  • Jan Kilsby
  • Ros Daly
  • Cornelia Costeanu
  • Natalie O'Rourke


  • Anna Marimuthu
  • Beata Bartnicka
  • Bernadette Jansen
  • Brenda Martin
  • Brian Wilman
  • Burak Isik
  • Daniel Murugananthan
  • Debora Lynch
  • Donna-May Brown
  • Gale Davies
  • Hannah McCallum-Benson
  • James Cowdery
  • Jane Homes
  • Jennifer Peters Goode
  • Johanna Williams
  • Keith Holmes
  • Lisa Wyborn
  • Lucy Bowden
  • Lynda Dormer
  • Mike Bowden
  • Mike Mendleson
  • Nicky Wood
  • Paul Hull
  • Peter and Jill Chapman
  • Richmond parkrun
  • Ronny's Deli
  • Sally and Geoff Howland
  • Sally Ford
  • Sharon McQueen
  • Sue Knutzen
  • Tom Gribbon 

Carer of the year


  • Will O'Donnell
  • Jonathan Pile

Lifetime Achievement

Winner: Karin Noble

Highly Commended: James Alexander


  • Catherine Parry-Winfield
  • Joan Dunk
  • Margaret Dangoor
  • Sarah Hodgson


  • Brenda Badcock
  • Carol Ajegbo
  • Fergus O'Kelly
  • Howard Greenwood
  • Jean Hall
  • John Thompson
  • Keith Knox
  • Michael F. Barret
  • Nigel Newby
  • Pam Alexander

Outstanding sporting achievement

Winner: Nick Witham

Highly Commended: Orleans Park Boccia Team


  • Eamonn Newell
  • Ian Glover
  • Laura Kapo


  • Richmond parkrun
  • Eamonn Newell
  • Ian Glover

Young person achievement

Winners: Jacob Heller and Sol Myhill

Highly commended: Scotia Rollins

Highly commended: Casey Brooker


  • Aston Nunn
  • Derri Murray
  • Georgie Tilby
  • Jacob Bell
  • Briony Cole-Gibson
  • Eliada Idehen


  • Amelia Byers
  • Denis Bermeta
  • Faniel Tekle
  • Haroon Hussein Muhammed
  • Hawal Ibrahimi
  • Hussein Chehade Mohamad
  • James Parker
  • Samawal Ahmed Abdalla

Updated: 29 October 2019