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Talk Richmond is an innovative online community through which members can contribute to the development of Council services, campaigns and communications.

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We want to hear from you about food waste recycling and how can we encourage more people to recycle.

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Why join Talk Richmond?

The community is a platform for members to influence Council campaigns, such as isolation and loneliness among older people, our annual Full of Life fair and the development of Twickenham.

This new initiative also allows members to engage in live discussions and suggest their own topics for discussions, with main activities being led and encouraged by the Council.

The community has been running for nearly six months and, in this short period, the council together with Talk Richmond members have managed to achieve a lot. Members of the community helped to:

  • Shape Community Pavement Repair Fund scheme
  • Design posters for various campaigns
  • Discover new avenues for digital communication (such as Streetlife)

The Council strongly believe in co-creating campaigns and services with the residents and is now looking for new members to join the online community.

Who can join?

Talk Richmond is open to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough.

Where possible, the community will seek to be demographically and geographically representative of the borough.

To ensure that the community is representative of the borough, applications to register interest will be held in an online holding area whilst being reviewed.

What will members be asked to do?

Members will be asked take part in up to 2 weekly activities and share their views, images or videos.

An example activity might be discussing the design of a new poster or brochure, where comments will be taken in consideration before this gets distributed.

Upcoming discussions

During January and February we will be concentrating on food waste recycling. Almost 20% of the food that UK households purchase is thrown away. This costs the average family around £60 a month and costs local authorities thousands of pounds in landfill costs.

Our current figures show that whilst the food recycling service is well used, there hasn’t been a large increase in the amount that is recycled, since the service has been introduced in 2011.

We want to hear from you about your food waste recycling habits and how can we encourage more people to recycle.

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How is it different from other forms of Council communications?

Talk Richmond seeks to gather more in-depth resident views on various topics through a range of different activities. It is designed to merge the best from both online community forums and public consultations to provide a genuine two-way dialogue.

It is a closed, private community of interested residents tasked with developing services, communications and engagement in the borough and finding solutions to issues together with the Council.

It does not replace, or by-pass, existing ways to contact Council services or to make complaints. If participants raise an issue that could be resolved quicker by contacting the service direct, we will ask participants to do so.

What is CSpace?

The community is facilitated by CSpace, but is managed by Richmond Council. The company provides platforms for organisations to conduct audience research in an informal setting. CSpace will provide technical support for Talk Richmond community but all the comments gathered are owned by Richmond Council.

Your data is safe with Talk Richmond. We respect your privacy rights and are committed to ensuring that we protect your details, the information about your dealings with us and other personal information disclosed in this forum. Your information will be processed in line with our personal information policy.


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Updated: 30 January 2017