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All in one

All in One

At the end of 2010 we sent every household an All in One survey, which asked you about your priorities for your local area. We asked you what you liked about where you lived and what could be improved.

We followed this up with a series of village planning events across the borough during the summer of 2011. These events gave residents the chance to discuss local issues in more detail and find potential solutions, including how the Council and community could take things forward together.

All in One is part of our commitment to listen to local residents and put them at the heart of all we do. Underpinning this commitment is recognition that in these difficult economic times the Council can not ‘do it all’ and greater involvement from our residents will be needed.

We had a fantastic response from local residents with over 13,500 completing the survey and over 1,300 attending the events. Read more about the All in One survey results.

People attending an All in One event in Twickenham People attending an All in One event in Twickenham

About your village area

We asked you what you considered to be your local area in the All in One survey. We then looked at your responses and divided the borough into 14 village areas (shown on the map).

Click on the map below to find out about key local issues, priorities and opportunities and how you can be involved in improving your local area.

BarnesKewMortlakeEast SheenRichmond/Richmond HillHam and PetershamSt Margaret's/East TwickenhamHampton WickTeddingtonHamptonHampton HillStrawberry HillTwickenhamWhitton/Heathfield

Next steps

Linking with the community

The All in One survey and events told us that many residents would like to be more involved and help improve their local area. It also showed that people weren’t sure what opportunities were available and where to go for information and support. To help solve these issues we have decided to set up a community links project. The project will help promote community involvement and keep local communities informed about what we are doing at the Council. We hope the project will allow us to:

  • Build a better understanding of what community activity is already happening
  • Identify and promote opportunities for local people to get involved
  • Help local people and groups find the support they need to take part

Each village area will have a named Community Links Officer who will be the key contact for that area. Find your Community Links Officer.

Get involved!

Want to know more about how you can get working to help make your community better?

Updated: 12 May 2017