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Richmond Council launches TagTap trial to encourage residents to get active and explore the borough

24 May 2022

The trial will encourage residents to use the TagTap app to explore walking routes in order to score points within the app with the chance of winning prizes.

Richmond Council want to encourage residents to get active, walk and explore the borough as the weather starts to improve and the evenings become brighter.

With the TagTap app users can explore the borough to find the markers which collects points and puts users on the local and national leader boards. Users can also take pictures with the local markers including new Jubilee themed markers. Richmond upon Thames has added animals and wildlife as markers such as toads and hedgehogs linking to the Council's biodiversity initiatives.

By following walking routes to find markers and gain points players will have the chance to win prizes at random. The app will help residents to explore areas, parks and open spaces in the borough that they might not have been before. The app is available for use for residents of all ages and in particular younger residents.

Download the TagTap AR app and start exploring now!

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Up to: April 2022

Updated: 25 May 2022

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