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Council to commence legal process for traveller eviction

5 August 2021

Following reports that an unauthorised group of travellers arrived on Kew Green last night (4 August), the Council has commenced the legal process that will require them to leave.

As soon as the Council were notified that travellers had arrived, officers visited to carry out a site assessment and requested that they move on.

Unfortunately, the group of around 21 caravans and associated vehicles were not willing to leave or cooperate with a welfare assessment, and therefore the Council has now commenced the legal process to obtain and enforce a Possession Order.

It is expected that the process will take a number of days. This is necessary due to a High Court order earlier this year that denied the Council’s request to extend the previous expedited injunction process, in common with numerous other local authorities. Therefore, the Council now has to go via the courts each time.

The Council, along with Park Guard and the Police, will continue to liaise with the group and monitor the site. We will update residents in the area throughout the process.

When the travellers do leave, the Council will repair any damage and remove any waste left on the Green.

Councillor Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee, said:

“A group of travellers has arrived in Kew. Today, Council officers have started the legal action required to expedite their departure. Due to a recent court ruling, this process will not be as fast as residents would like and I know that they will be concerned, but we have to work within the law.

“As soon as the travellers leave, we will inspect the area and ensure that any damage is repaired, and waste removed. Our Park Guard officers, along with the Police, will be monitoring the site closely until the group depart.”

Photo from a resident who reported the travellers to the Council

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Updated: 5 August 2021