Council extends £150 energy rebate payments to thousands more households

9 August 2022

Richmond Council has announced an extension of its Energy Rebate Scheme, the next step in making sure people get help with the rising cost of energy bills. It is now calling for everyone who is eligible to come forward to claim their money.

Its latest scheme is a follow-on from the Government’s mandatory £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate Scheme, which was launched in March this year. It has been designed by the Council to meet the additional needs of local people in Richmond upon Thames, by providing those eligible with £150 to go towards their energy costs. The Council expects to make around 6,000 payments.

There are four different groups who are eligible for the Discretionary Scheme. Two of these groups are known to the Council:

  • Properties in Council Tax bands E-H, where residents are liable for Council Tax and in receipt of benefits
  • Properties in Council Tax bands E-H, where residents are exempt from paying Council Tax for one of the following reasons - students; occupied only by severely mentally impaired; occupied only by persons under the age of 18; annex occupied by dependent relative

As the Council already holds the details of these residents, we will make payment straight away where we hold direct debit bank details, or else write directly to these groups with instructions for how to apply.

There are also a number of people who are unknown to the Council who are eligible:

  • Properties in Council Tax bands A-D, where the residents do not pay the council tax (e.g. Council Tax is included in the rent) but they do have responsibility for paying the energy bills
  • Properties in Council Tax bands E-H, where the residents do not pay the council tax, however they are in receipt of benefits and have responsibility for paying the energy bills

The Council is urging people who think they are eligible to check online for more information.

The Discretionary Energy Rebate Scheme will close to applications on 31 October 2022.

Mandatory scheme

35,741 households are eligible for the original Council Tax Rebate Scheme. So far, over £4 million has been paid to households in council tax bands A-D. Nearly 100% of people who pay Council Tax by direct debit have received their rebate. However, only about 50% of people who need to securely provide their bank details to claim their rebate via bank transfer have come forward to date, with the Council waiting to hear from over 7,000 eligible households. All households have received a letter with instructions for claiming. Anyone who thinks they should have already received their rebate, but haven’t, should get in touch with the Council as soon as possible.

Councillor Robin Brown, Richmond Council’s Finance and Resources Lead Member, said:

“We know the rising cost of living, particularly increasing energy prices, is incredibly worrying for many of our residents. These rebate schemes go some way to helping, so we want to make sure everyone eligible comes forward to claim their £150.

“Even if you think you don’t need it now, costs are set to continue rising so please claim it as soon as possible, before it’s time to turn the heating back on in Autumn and your bills get bigger.

“If you really don’t think you need it, please consider donating to a local charity that supports people with cost of living. Either way, please claim your money as soon as you can.”

The Mandatory Energy Rebate Scheme will close to applications on 31 August 2022.

Read more information about energy rebate payments.

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