NHS appeal for people to donate plasma in Twickenham

Community news on behalf of NHS Give Blood | 9 August 2022

The medicines made from plasma are in short supply, and Twickenham is one of only three places in England where people can donate.

The NHS has announced the arrival of new donation machines which are faster and smoother and will enable far more women to donate plasma.

The old machines required women to be a specific weight for their height, to ensure they did not have too much blood outside their body compared to their blood volume. Many women did not weigh enough and so were unable to donate.

The new machines are both faster and also adapted to newer international guidelines, based on the latest evidence, with less restrictive height and weight measures. More women than ever can now donate plasma and help to save lives.

Plasma is made into unique, lifesaving medicines. The medicines made from plasma are in short supply.

Find out more about how to donate via the NHS website. 

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Up to: August 2022

Updated: 9 August 2022

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