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Date: Tuesday 07 May 2019
Author: Councillor Ben Khosa
Title: Mayor

It was an immense honour to be selected as Mayor and I am so proud, not least because I was the first Mayor of Indian origin of our delightful borough.

I met so many wonderful people, organisations, societies and businesses and every single one was unfailingly courteous, kind and supportive of me, I am full of gratitude to every single resident of the borough who made this possible.

Many of you have supported my Charity (Refuge Richmond the domestic violence charity) events either by being there, donating prizes for raffles at my events or helping me host them (Valentino’s Bellissimo, Italian restaurant in London Rd Twickenham and Panas, Nepalese and Indian restaurant, in Richmond Rd Twickenham) and we have had a great time together, and by doing so you have enabled me to help the cause of my charity more than I ever could have done in a lifetime on my own. Together we have already raised over £20,000 for Refuge!

I get particular satisfaction from the fact that I was able to co-host a multi-faith Peace and Unity event and that with the help of many I was able bring to the fore the work of my Charity Refuge Richmond.

Thank you to all Council staff, councillor colleagues, communication team and my Chaplin who have all been a great source of comfort and support to me throughout the year and to those officers and colleagues who took part in cycling and marathon events including the death-defying Sky Jump. And also, a big thank you to my Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mona Adams.

It is one of the privileges of the Mayor to be able to meet and thank the many charities and wonderful volunteers in our delightful borough who give their time so freely to enrich the lives of others without any expectations of reward or recognition.

I am grateful to our schools (it was touching to note the many young children’s enthusiasm and respect for the Mayoralty) places of worship and the Police for the invaluable and positive contribution they make to all our lives.

My journey as Mayor has brought me closer to the borough and its residents than I ever was before and certainly closer than I ever thought possible. It was particularly moving to be with residents and in Richmond Synagogue and the borough’s churches during the Word War One centenary memorial events.

I am truly grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity of coming into contact with so many wonderful individuals, groups and organisations and in-fact it has been something of a revelation to me as to how positively and constructively people choose to live and manage their lives and their leisure time in our borough. It is with this wonderful mix of people that our borough is the wonderful place that it is to live and work in.

I shall treasure the memories of my time spent as Mayor and hope to stay in touch with the many new relationships and bonds that have been created.

I would like to feel that as a result of my journey as Mayor I am a much more informed, improved and refined Richmonder.

I feel my sense of belonging to this borough is now immensely enhanced and my sense of homeliness here is now complete and I withdraw having gained so much more than I could ever give.



  1. In December we hosted the first our themed dinner celebrations at Panas in Twickenham
  2. I was grateful to council officers Will and Michelle who took part in the Thames Meander Marathon
  3. Also, council officer Joe took part in RideLondon in support of Refuge too
  4. With the wonderful team who joined me on my charity skydive
  5. In October I went along to the community event in Murray Park, meeting some of the organisations who do wonderful work in this borough
  6. It was great to meet the many young people taking part in National Play Day at Orleans House in August
  7. We have lots of talented children in the borough and it has been a privilege to interact with them and be a part of judging some of the wonderful competitions they take part in such as in bloom
  8. It has been a privilege to be a part of judging another wonderful competition such as the Christmas Card design
  9. There are so many amazing, community minded people in our borough. Here I am visiting the bowls club in Teddington
  10. The Mayor with his Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mona Adams

Updated: 24 March 2021