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Council extending CPO notification period to allow more time for representations

9 December 2021

Notices have been sent to all those with interests in any land or property included within the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) plan area, and objections or letters of support should be sent to the Secretary of State by 14 January 2022.

In October 2021 the Council announced that it would initiate a CPO process in order to gain vacant possession of all land required to enable the redevelopment of Twickenham Riverside to take place. This includes the Diamond Jubilee Gardens.   

The Twickenham Riverside Trust currently have a 125 year lease of the gardens. They agreed in 2019 that Diamond Jubilee Gardens should be included within the site plan for the redevelopment of Twickenham Riverside. The Trust have played an active role in the design process for the gardens so far. But in order for the project to move forward, the Council needs to have legal possession of the land. Therefore, the Trust needed to voluntarily and temporarily return the possession of the gardens to the Council to carry out the works, before being given a new 125-year lease.    

The Council has continued to negotiate with the Trust, and will continue to do so, and has made a generous offer, which was agreed in principle in January 2021 with the then Chair of the Trust, and included:  

  • A much larger lease area covering gardens and event space in the centre of the scheme
  • A new 125-year lease
  • A substantial grant for four years 
  • Approval to keep any revenue generated from events held in the gardens
  • The Council to pay for the maintenance of the space in perpetuity
  • The ability for the Trust to utilise the new car-free Embankment as an additional event space

This agreement, and the generous terms within it, is available to the Trust following a negotiated route for the surrender of the lease, as the CPO process has different requirements for the Council to meet.  

However, despite negotiations starting over 2 years ago, the Trust have yet to temporarily surrender their lease. As a result of this the Council has been forced to submit an application for the Twickenham Riverside Compulsory Purchase Order 2021 to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities.  

As part of that process the Council ran a notification period between 2t October and 23 November 2021 to receive any representations and objections to the CPO. During this period, it was brought to the Council’s attention that the notices, inviting representations, included a previous address for the Planning Casework Unit.  

Whilst the Council’s legal representation was in communication with the PCU throughout this period who checked for items sent to the previous address, it has been decided that to ensure all representations are received the Council will run the notification period again. 

The new notification period will run from 9 December 2021 until 14 January 2022 and anyone making an objection, or representation should do this in writing to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Planning Casework Unit, 23 Stephenson Street, Birmingham B2 4BH or by email to before 14 January 2022 and should state the title of the order, the grounds of objection and the objector's address and interests in the land. 

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