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Council announces 50% reduction in emissions over last five years

15 February 2022

Richmond Council has provided an update on its efforts to reduce carbon emissions over the past twelve months. The Council has made a number of significant steps to support its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

In 2019, the Council declared a climate emergency, publishing its Climate Emergency Strategy and accompanying annual Action Plan in January 2020. The Climate Emergency Action Plan is updated each year and sets out what actions the Council will deliver along with how it will work to support local partners and residents.

Richmond Council’s Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee will tonight hear updates on the progress against key decarbonisation goals outlined within the action plan including:

  • An overall decrease in emissions across the board for 2020/21 compared with 2019/20
  • An overall decrease in emissions from the Council as an organisation of 62.7% since 2017/18
  • A reduction of 40.7% in carbon emissions from the borough as a whole, decreasing from 1033.9 kilotons of CO2 (ktCO2) in 2005 to 612.8 ktCO2 in 2019
  • A 45% reduction in per capita emissions (the amount of CO2 per person in the borough) from 5.7 tons per person in 2005 to 3.1 tons per person in 2019, and
  • A total emissions reduction of 15% and per capita emissions reduction of 16% in the last 5 years, from 2015 to 2019

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Services Committee, said:

“In spite of the pandemic, 2021 was a significant year for the Council in continuing to tackle the borough’s carbon emissions. Areas of focus such as replacing older and more polluting Council vehicles with electric alternatives and enabling residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes have been accelerated in 2021.

“Reducing the borough’s carbon emissions, remains a key priority for this Council, and while there is much work still to be done, Richmond upon Thames is now at the forefront as a climate action leader.”

Read Richmond upon Thames’ Climate Emergency Action Plan.

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Updated: 1 March 2022

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