Are you a SEND parent on EHCP or SEN support?

30 January 2023

Why not join our SEND Parent Champion scheme?

SEND Parent Champions can share information and advice based on their own experiences. This initiative is part of a national scheme that helps thousands of families and provides full training.

Benefits for families

The SEND Parent Champions scheme:

  • Raise parents’ awareness of SEND services in the area
  • Brings SEND families together in community settings
  • Encourages learning about services relevant to your family and other families
  • Allows SEND families to be involved in the development of local services
  • Works to support minority groups and their engagement with services

Benefits for Parent Champions volunteers

The SEND Parent Champions scheme:

  • Provides parents with a chance to gain skills and confidence
  • Gives parents experience to show when seeking training or employment
  • Provides an opportunity to give back to your community
  • Allows parents to be part of a unique and inspirational team of volunteer parents

Find out more information about the SEND Parent Champions scheme.

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Updated: 30 January 2023

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