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Antisocial Behaviour Awareness Week - keeping your riverside safe

20 July 2021

This week is the UK’s first-ever antisocial behaviour awareness week which runs from 19 to 25 July 2021. Antisocial behaviour is on the rise. Check out part one of our series which provides residents with helpful to tips to help report and reduce antisocial behaviour across the borough.

With an easing of restrictions and arrival of good weather more of us will want to enjoy Richmond’s beautiful riverside.

Sadly, last year’s hot weather also brought high-risk antisocial behaviour as rowdy groups gathered on the riverside while others jumped from bridges with no thought for the safety of others or themselves.

To keep our riverside safe and enjoyable for all we are working with the Police, Environment Agency, and partners to address problem behaviour.

In addition to safety improvements and increased signage at key locations the Police and the Council’s Parkguard wardens will be patrolling to target antisocial behaviour with the use of anti-social behaviour warnings or fixed penalty notices for those in breach of the borough’s Public Space Protection Orders.

We recognise however that enforcement is only a part of the solution and so we are also grateful to the RNLI, London Fire brigade and Police Schools liaison offers for their ongoing and proactive work with local schools and communities to raise awareness of water safety.

If you see someone in danger in the water, acting in a way that puts themselves or others at risk, committing a crime or engaging in antisocial behaviour please dial 999.

Find out more about the work of the London Fire Brigade, your Local Policing Team, or support the work of your local RNLI.

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Updated: 20 July 2021