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Antisocial behaviour awareness week - putting the needs of victims at the heart of our practice

22 July 2021

This week is antisocial behaviour awareness week Check out part three of our series which provides residents with helpful tips to help report and reduce antisocial behaviour

More than just a legal requirement

In 2014 the Anti-social behaviour Crime and Policing Act placed a new duty on relevant agencies to put victims first through the ASB Case Review.

The ASB Case Review (or Community Trigger) gives victims who have persistently reported antisocial behaviour the right to request a review of their case where they believe their report has not been properly addressed.

ASB Case reviews are more than a complaints process, they place a legal duty on each agency to come together to review a case, problem solve and make recommendations.

As a partnership we have placed ASB Case Reviews at the heart of our approach, strengthening our partnership through scrutiny and ensuring that all partners put the needs of victims first.

Find out more about the Community Trigger and whether your case meets the threshold for an application.

Or, for an independent overview of the Community Trigger please go to the ASBHelp website for more information. 

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Updated: 22 July 2021