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Reduce waste and support the reuse of materials in your community

16 June 2022

This week is London Circular Economy Week (13 – 17 June), a time focused on highlighting how cities, businesses and governments are working to reduce the impact of our consumption of stuff on global heating and carbon emissions, in innovative ways.

A circular economy is one in which stuff is kept in use for as long as possible, delivering the highest value it can for as long as it can. Rather than making, using and then throwing stuff away, a circular economy is about finding ways to use materials and products again and again, in many different forms.

We have many local businesses, groups and organisations supporting the circular economy in Richmond upon Thames, many of which can be found in Richmond and Twickenham Friends of the Earth’s Green Richmond Guide.

Know of somewhere local that isn’t mentioned in the guide? Submit an update.

As part of London Circular Economy Week, Richmond Council’s Climate Policy team took part in ReLondon’s virtual discussion on ‘What’s next for single-use plastics?’. It featured producers, charities and communities talking about the progress that’s been made on cutting single-use plastic in London, and the challenges we still face.

Richmond Council is playing a leading role in this work across London through the One World Living (OWL) programme, which aims to reduce London’s carbon emissions from consumption by two-thirds by 2030. This work is being looked at across four key areas—Plastics, Textiles, Food and Electricals.

Richmond Council is leading the work focused on plastics, to ensure that the plastics we do need are reusable, recyclable and compostable, eliminate all problematic and unnecessary plastic items and circulate all plastic items we use back into the economy, keeping them out of the environment.

A great way to reduce single-use plastics locally is by visiting one of your local zero-waste/refill shops.

Not sure how these shops work? Watch below to find out.

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