Make new friends at the Hearing Voices networking event

Community news on behalf of Hearing Voices Network | 11 November 2022

A Richmond Friendship group and Hearing Voices Network (HVN) are hosting an event for those who hear voices, see visions or have similar sensory experiences.

HVN focus on helping to create respectful and empowering spaces, whilst challenging the inequalities and oppressive practices that hold people back.

The network and its affiliate groups aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the diversity of voices, visions and similar experiences
  • Challenge negative stereotypes, stigma and discrimination
  • Help create more spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds to talk freely about voice-hearing, visions and similar sensory experiences
  • Raise awareness of a range of different ways to manage distressing, confusing or difficult voices
  • Encourage a more positive response to voice-hearing and related experiences in healthcare settings and wider society

This event is an opportunity to network with others to encourage the sharing of information and free resources.

Event details:

Date: Thursday 24 November
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: Richmond Library Annexe, Quadrant Road, Richmond TW9 1DH

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Updated: 15 November 2022

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