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Demystifying the COVID-19 vaccine for young people

5 October 2021

A new online website has been launched to provide young people in the borough all the information they need to understand the COVID-19 vaccine and testing. has been created with the help of the young people from the Richmond and Kingston Youth Council. The purpose of the site is to provide factual information, signposts and reassurance to younger residents in the borough.

The website includes videos from experts, young people sharing their vaccination experiences, the importance of testing regularly and top FAQs.

In addition, as the school’s rollout of the vaccination programme for 12–15-year-olds continues, Lydia Roebuck, the Chair of the Richmond and Kingston Youth Council and the Member of Youth Parliament for Richmond, has interviewed the lead nurse for the rollout – Nic Kane.

Lydia quizzes Nic on why younger people are being invited to have the vaccine, the benefits, the side effects, and information on the consent process. The video is being sent to local schools and young people, to help them make a decision as to whether they should have the vaccine and combat a lot of the myths and rumour that circulate online. Watch the video.

Fifteen-year-old Lydia Roebuck, said:

“The pandemic has forced so many young people to give up so much, including our education. As life shifts back to normality, it's important more now than ever that young people come together to take the final step and get the vaccine.

“The vaccine will not only protect us as young people but also our vulnerable family members, our local communities, school mates and the population. Despite the necessity for the vaccine, there is so much misinformation online and on social media. Hopefully this video will give lots of young people a sense of clarity allowing them to make an informed decision.”

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council, said:

“We want young people to make informed decisions about whether or not to have the COVID-19 vaccine based on facts, not unhelpful rumours and anti-vax information that circulates online and social media. I am so pleased that the Richmond and Kingston Youth Council have been able to help us with this important piece of work – sharing their views on what questions young people are asking, and what rumours or misinformation is being shared.

“I hope that these new tools help provide reassurance that the vaccine is safe and vital if we are going to combat this virus.”

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Updated: 5 October 2021

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