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Walk to Run - if you feel daunted by running, struggle to run for 5mins, or stick to a training plan, then you are just like all the other runners who I have helped to get up to running 5k and beyond. My groups are specifically for those looking to start and stick to running, want to meet people, do cardio, help their mindspace, to exercise outdoors without having to do hideous burpees :) Steady and gentle Fun; friendly Half Marathon Coaching For more seasoned runners, I coach half marathon distance online for newbies to those looking to PB. We work on your training, mindset and nutrition, and make sure it fits in your hectic life. So far all my half marathon runners have smashed their PBs, I would love you to do the same too. Organisations I work with organisations such as eBay, Gumtree, and London Business School to improve employee health, well-being and motivation. I provide coaching programs as well as fitness classes, and have a team of expert coaches to assist if capacity requires.


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    This is your chance to join Chrissie and her incredible Walk to Run Group Even if you have never so much as worn a pair of trainers, Chrissie will work with you on her beginners programme to gently get up to 5k in as little as 10 weeks. Click here & pop RMD20 as offer code:

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  • CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - 20% off online Run Coaching with Chrissie - 20% discount on your first month with Run with Chrissie+ complimentary initial consultation call

    >STOP FEELING LOST ON WHAT TO DO >STAY MOTIVATED >DEVELOP EFFECTIVE NUTRITION >TRAIN TO KEEP INJURY FREE AND RUN FURTHER FASTER CLICK HERE TO BOOK INITIAL CONSULTATION: HTTPS://FORMS.GLE/ZMDQFWGGQJG5Y9QH7 Not sure?, here's just a couple of the many runners Chrissie has helped to PB Martin, 49yrs young, running experience: 2yrs, running ambition: 4hr 30 marathon Achieved: 3hr 57, his first marathon @ 49yrs young "Chrissie's coaching was a key part of getting there, Very pleased with that time!!"

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Updated: 13 Apr 2017