Business events - how to promote

If you are a business support provider and would like to discuss sharing your business event or opportunity, we would like to hear from you.

How we can help

We will consider hosting opportunities that:

  • Are generally one-off rather than ongoing
  • Are being delivered locally, ideally within the borough
  • Are either free or reduced cost for our local businesses
  • May be free or reduced cost tasters, or introductory opportunities that could lead to your longer-term engagement with attendees

However, we are not able to use our page to promote opportunities that are only available to specific communities, such as:

  • Membership organisations
  • Opportunities run at full price on a commercial basis

An exception here is where commercially-offered support is offered with a discount or offer which could be promoted to resident business people that hold a Richmond Card, through our Business Offers Scheme.

We will also occasionally promote this page or individual opportunities it hosts, through our social media channels and e-newsletter.

Get in touch

To discuss your opportunity, please contact us by email at

For us to promote your opportunity you must give us a short introductory text for as early as possible, and not later than two weeks before the event.

The text must include:

  • Time, date, venue
  • Contact details and web link if there is one
  • Summary of the offer (including who is able to attend and what they will get out of it)

We do not endorse any of the opportunities or organisations we include.

Updated: 21 April 2020