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Apply for a Council Tax exemption for a property left empty by someone in a hospital, nursing or care home

A home is exempt from Council Tax if it is unoccupied and:

  • it was previously lived in by the tenant or owner as their main home, and
  • the tenant or owner is now living in a hospital, nursing or care home.

This does not include people who spend only short periods in a hospital, nursing or care home and intend to return home. The hospital, nursing or care home must be their main home.

About the exemption


The hospital must be:

  • recognised by the National Health Service, including NHS Trust hospitals, or
  • a military, air force or naval establishment where treatment is subject to military/air force law or the Naval Discipline Act 1957.

Nursing or care home

The home must provide care and/or treatment and be:

  • a care home providing residential accommodation, or
  • a home provided by the Abbeyfield Society or connected body, or
  • a residential nursing home, or
  • a residential mental nursing home, or
  • a residential hostel providing personal care for people who are elderly, disabled or who suffer from alcohol or drug dependence or mental disorder, or
  • a bail or probation hostel.

The exemption will last for as long as the circumstances remain the same.

You must tell us about any changes that would mean the property is no longer exempt, for example if the person moves back home, or someone else moves in or the property is sold.

You will need

  • Your Council Tax account number

Before you start

This form is for new applications only.

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What happens next

We will either reduce the bill or let you know why we have not been able to do so.

If we need more information we will contact you.

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Updated: 25 January 2023

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