Energy rebate payments

To help with rising energy costs, the government announced that eligible households in Council Tax bands A-D (or in band E and qualifying for the disabled band reduction) would receive a one-off £150 'energy rebate payment'. This would be payable to the person liable for Council Tax and would not have to be repaid. This was known as the 'mandatory energy rebate scheme'.

This is not the same as the government £400 Energy Support Scheme, which is administered by your energy supplier and not the local authority.

Scheme closure

The deadline to apply for the mandatory energy rebate payment has now passed.

Instead, all eligible households in bands A-D who did not apply for their mandatory energy rebate payment, have been credited with the £150 directly to their Council Tax account. We are in the process of writing to all those households to let them know.

Managing your £150 credit

You are able to request a refund of this £150, or use the credit towards your Council Tax bill.

Find out more about £150 credit

Discretionary energy rebate scheme

Funding was also set aside for local authorities to support households not eligible for the mandatory scheme but in need of help with their energy bills. This was known as the discretionary energy rebate scheme.

Scheme closure

The deadline to apply for a discretionary energy rebate payment has now passed.

We have used information already held to identify any eligible household who did not apply and have credited their Council Tax account directly with £150. We will write to all these households to let them know.

Scam warning

We will not telephone non-Direct Debit payers to ask for bank details. Please do not provide your bank details over the phone.


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Updated: 25 January 2023

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