Additional services

In addition to providing books, DVDs, eBooks and IT facilities, Library Service offers other services.

Available at all libraries

You can purchase the following items at all libraries:

  • Basic┬ástationery items (e.g. notepapers, envelopes and ballpoints pens)
  • Garden waste bags - on behalf of the Waste and Recycling services
  • Recycling net covers - on behalf of the Waste and Recycling services

Available at selected libraries

Also, you can:

  • Recycle small electronic items (WEEE) at all libraries except Hampton Wick, Kew Library and Information and Reference Library
  • Recycle batteries. This is a Library Service project and is available at East Sheen, Ham, Hampton, Richmond Lending, Teddington and Twickenham libraries
  • Purchase greeting cards at Hampton, Ham, Richmond, Teddington and Twickenham libraries

Up to:

Updated: 31 July 2020