Cover Story: Adventure

Here are our librarians' picks:

In the Shadow of Heroes

Nicholas Bowling

Elvis Crampton Lucas was found on a bench when he was a baby by his stetson-wearing musician dad. He has no idea who his real parents were or where he came from. On his twelfth birthday (or at least the twelfth anniversary of his discovery), he decides that it is time to find out. The ensuing adventure is surprising and epic. A quirky, charming and funny story about finding your roots.

Tullus is an unusual slave. He is educated and his master treats him more like a son. So, when his master disappears Tullus sets off to find him, aided by a taciturn British slave-girl, on a quest that takes him to the very edges of the Roman Empire. An exciting adventure that is not just for history buffs.

ISBN 9781911077688 - Chicken House: 2019

Bone Talk

Candy Gourlay

It is 1899. Samkad lives in the Philippines in an isolated mountain village, with its own customs and language. He knows it is nearly time for him to undergo the initiation ceremony all boys experience to join the House of Men and become a respected warrior. However, life will soon change forever when invaders come to take over the village and bring new language and traditions. An unflinching fictional account of a real-life event from a young person’s viewpoint.

ISBN 9781788450188 - David Fickling: 2018 - e-book available

Cover of Bone talk


Amy McCulloch

Part-pet, part-smartphone, everyone has a baku, and Lacey Chu has worked hard so that one day she can build even better bakus. When she is rejected from the prestigious Profectus Academy it seems like her dreams are over, until she finds a broken shell that turns out to be a baku more advanced than she’s ever seen – so advanced, she can’t control him. This thrilling adventure is the first in a new dystopian series set in an eerily familiar future.

ISBN 9781471169960 - Simon & Schuster: 2018 - e-book available

Cover of Jinxed

The Chosen

Taran Matharu

A moment ago, Cade was locked in a correctional school after a wrongful conviction. Now he is standing on a ledge in an unnamed world, confronting a vicious monster. He is one of The Chosen, sent to take part in a deadly game on a strange world which is a bewildering mix of ancient kingdoms and bloodthirsty creatures. If that wasn’t bad enough some of the other 'contestants' are the nastiest fellow inmates from his school. Cade is going to need all his ingenuity to survive.

ISBN 9781444938937 - Hodder: 2019

Cover of the book Chosen

And the Ocean was our Sky

Patrick Ness

In this upside-down take on Moby-Dick, seen from the whale’s point of view, Bathsheba is a young whale apprenticed to Captain Alexandra who finds herself drawn into a hunt for the elusive whale-hunter Toby Wick in the middle of a war between whales and men for command of the seas. Dark and violent at times, this unique and beautifully illustrated story is unlike anything else.

ISBN 9781406385861 - Walker: 2018

Cover of the book And the ocean was our sky

Updated: 31 October 2019