Cover Story: Dystopia

Here are our librarians' picks:

Where the River Runs Gold

Sita Brahmachari

ISBN 9781911077688 - Chicken House: 2019

In a city kept under constant surveillance, where flowers are banned and people are categorised into hierarchies, Shifa lives with her twin Themba and Papa Nabil. When the twins are sent to the pollination farms to work, Shifa struggles with her fear for Themba, her regret over leaving their father and her intense desire to escape. Set in a dystopian world, this story weaves between climate fear, totalitarian government, abuse of power and the overwhelming strength of family.

ISBN 9781510105416 - Orion: 2019

Cover of the book Where the river runs gold


Leo Hunt

Four hundred storeys down in the underbelly of the City lives Nova, a small-time thief who makes her live by hacking into people’s data. It is no way to get rich so, when she is approached by super-hacker Moth to do a job she jumps at the chance. But the dark secrets that she uncovers when she infiltrates mega corporation Bliss Inc put her life at risk. An imaginative and fast-moving sci-fi thriller.

ISBN 9781408345030 - Orchard: 2018

Cover of the book Phantom

The Quiet at the End of the World

Lauren James

There are only two young people left on the earth. A virus has made everybody infertile so Shen and Lowrie spend their days in a crumbling London surrounded by old people. Now a new virus is spreading and this time it is lethal, threatening to snuff out the human race. Shen and Lowrie have to dig into the past to find a cure before time runs out. A different dystopian thriller.

ISBN 9781406375510 - Walker: 2019

Cover of the book The quiet at the end of the world

The Haven

Simon Lelic

Beneath the streets of London lies The Haven, a place where abandoned young people can find somewhere safe to live. When Ollie’s guardian is murdered The Haven becomes his refuge. But when a plot is uncovered that threatens the whole of London Ollie is drawn back into the daylight and a dangerous battle to save the city. A rollercoaster of a thriller with more than a few nods to Oliver Twist.

ISBN 9781444947601 - Hodder: 2019

cover of the book The haven

The Survival Game

Nicky Singer

How do you survive in a world where climate change has left everything in short supply and everywhere is closing their doors to outsiders? Mhairi knows that to have a chance she must get to her family in Scotland but the long journey is horrific and she has learnt to harden her heart and trust no-one. Then she finds a strange, silent boy. Will she risk her own future to help him? A grim but gripping vision of the future.

ISBN 9781444944525 - Hodder: 2018

cover of the book The survival game

Updated: 6 November 2019