Cover Story: Friendship

Here are our librarians' picks:

Wolf Light

Yaba Badoe

Zula, Linnet and Adoma are all guardians, separated by thousands of miles but all armed with magical powers and sworn to protect the sacred places where they live. When greedy developers threaten to destroy their homes in pursuit of the riches that lie beneath, the three girls unite to stop them before it is too late. A powerful, magical and poetic story with a timely message.

ISBN 9781786695512 - Zephyr: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book Wolf light

The Switch Up

Katy Cannon

Meet two girls, both jetting off to places they don’t want to go for the holidays. When they meet by chance at the airport and both realise that they look almost identical a crazy plan is hatched. Why not swap identities for the summer? But drama queen Willa is very different from her quiet, studious ‘twin’ and soon the plan starts to unravel. Chaotic, funny and feel-good.

ISBN 9781788950404 - Stripes: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book The switch up

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Siobhan Curham

Stevie’s life revolves around music and looking after her sick mum. When financial hardship hits Stevie is inspired to stay positive by the words of one of her father’s records. Hafiz’s parents made huge financial sacrifices to send him to Europe but since arriving life has been very hard for him and his love for football is his only pleasure. Following an accidental meeting Stevie and Hafiz develop a friendship which gives them strength to carry on.

ISBN 9781406379235 - Walker: 2018

cover of the book Don't stop thinking about tomorrow

A Strange Kind of Brave

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Ruthless Jake McCormack controls the people of Clanfedden because so many owe him money through his betting shop so when the council seizes it he is livid. He is even more furious when he discovers his shop is to be replaced by a restaurant owned by former town resident Ariana and her teenaged son Luca.

Luca’s friend Allie tries to warn them against Jake but will it be too late to stop a catastrophic event? A suspenseful story with a surprise ending.

ISBN 9781510104129 - Orion: 2019

cover of the book A strange kind of brave

The Paper and Hearts Society

Lucy Powrie

Tabby has been stranded at her gran’s over the summer holidays and only has her beloved books for company. The local teen reading group turns out to be her salvation, offering not just other people who like books but real friendships as well. But Tabby’s past catches up with her and it looks as if her new-found contentment may be ruined.

ISBN 9781444949230 - Hodder: 2019

cover of the book The paper and hearts society

Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee

Jeff Zentner

Josie and Delia are also Rayne and Delilah, vampiric horror hosts on their public access TV show. When an invitation to ShiverCon arrives, Delia sees an opportunity to take the show further – and stop Josie moving away for college.

But with Josie’s unexpected boyfriend and Delia searching for her father, will summer go even a little like they planned? This love letter to the mediocre will take you from Tennessee to Florida, break your heart, and still have you laughing.

ISBN 9781783447992 - Anderson Press: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book Rayne and Delilah's Midnite Matinee

Updated: 10 January 2020