Cover Story: Humour

Here are our librarians' picks:

The Cantankerous Molly Darling

Alvy Carragher

Molly feels that she every right to be cantankerous. Since her father walked out on the family a year ago her mother is neglecting her in favour of creating weird art-works in the attic, her sister is threatening to marry a man that Molly thinks is an idiot and her beloved chickens have disappeared from the farm. How can Molly get things back to the way they were? A humorous family drama.

ISBN 9781911490548 - Chicken House: 2019


cover of the book The Cantankerous Molly Darling

How to Rob a Bank

Tom Mitchell

How do you get the money to rebuild your friend’s house if you have just accidentally burnt it down? If you’re only 15 and broke there’s only one way to get your hands on enough cash - rob a bank. But it’s one thing to have an idea and quite another to actually go through with it, as Dylan Thomas (no, not that one) soon discovers. Funny, chaotic and surprisingly tense.

ISBN 9780008276508 - HarperCollins: 2019

cover of the book How to rob a bank

The Gifted, the Talented and Me

William Sutcliffe

Sam was perfectly happy living in Stevenage. He is less than pleased when his family, flush with new-found wealth, relocate to ‘posh’ Hampstead. Life in the trendy local school is even worse than he imagined. Surrounded by confident would-be film-makers and musicians, he seems doomed to be a perpetual misfit. How can Sam stay true to his ‘averageness’? Well-observed, believable and hilarious.

ISBN 9781408890219 - Bloomsbury: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book The gifted, the talented and me

Updated: 31 October 2019