Cover Story: Mental Health

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No Fixed Address

Susin Nielsen

For the last few months Felix and his Mum have been living in a van. It was supposed to be temporary but now Felix is worried that they might be stuck there for ever. There could be one way out: If he can get onto a big-money TV quiz he could win enough money to buy them a new home. But his life with his Mum is coming apart and he may not get the chance. Entertaining but also revealing.

ISBN 9781783447213 - Anderson Press: 2018 - e-book available

cover of the book No fixed address

The Year I didn’t Eat

Samuel Pollen

Max is a 14-year old boy with a loving family and great friends. He also has anorexia. At first he thinks he can deal with it but gradually 'Ana' (as he refers to it) takes hold and he finds himself increasingly isolated. Max badly needs help but where can he find it with his relationships fracturing around him? Based on the author’s own experience, this is a totally convincing insight into living with anorexia.

ISBN 9781999863357 - Zuntold: 2019

cover of the book The year I didn't eat

The Light Between Worlds

Laura E Weymouth

Six years ago, Evie and Philippa found themselves in a magical place in a different world. They lived in and fought for that world. But then they had to return to grim post-war Britain. Evie still can’t stand being away from the Woodlands, especially now that Philippa has gone away to school. Now Evie has disappeared. Has she gone back to Woodlands? This is a story about loss, secrets, and how far you would go to recover what’s lost.

ISBN 9781911490036 - Chicken House: 2018

cover of the book The light between worlds

Updated: 6 November 2019