Cover Story: Relationships

Here are our librarians' picks:

The Girl who Came out of the Woods

Emily Barr

All Arty knows is life in an isolated commune in the middle of the wood. She has never met strangers or used the internet. When she has to leave the woods and go in search of help after disaster strikes she is overwhelmed and struggles to adjust, as she learns that not every person can be trusted. The journey takes an unexpected turn when Arty uncovers dark and disturbing truths about her own past.

ISBN 9780241345221 - Penguin: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book The Girl who came out of the woods

The Twisted Tree

Rachel Burge

After a devastating accident that left Martha blind in one eye she developed an uncanny ability to ‘read’ a person’s emotions just by touching their clothes. It seems as if her grandmother may be able to explain this new power, so Martha goes to her remote house in Norway in search of answers. What she finds is a shock. Her grandmother is dead and an ancient and malevolent spirit is on the loose outside the house. A creepy tale laced with Norse mythology.

ISBN 9781471407765 - Hot Key: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book The twisted tree

The Boy who Steals Houses

C G Drews

Sam has been breaking into houses for over a year, but it isn’t to steal things. He just wants to have a place where he and his brother can feel at home, even for a few hours. Then something unexpected happens: he breaks into a house that is still occupied but finds himself being unwittingly adopted by the chaotic family that lives there. Has Sam finally found a home? Sometimes disturbing but ultimately uplifting.

ISBN 9781408349922 - Orchard: 2019

cover of the book The boy who steal houses


Dan Freedman

Roxie and Kaine are twins with their sights set on sporting glory. But both have big obstacles to overcome first. Roxie could be a tennis champion but her spirit is being crushed by an overbearing father. Kaine is losing sight of his dream of football superstardom and looks like he might be drifting into the arms of gang culture. Their story is fast-moving, dramatic and emotional.

ISBN 9781788450492 - David Fickling: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book Unstoppable

The Key to Flambards

Linda Newbery

When Grace’s parents split up her mother takes a job at Flambards, a residential centre in a stately home that many years before had belonged to their family. Grace is upset when she realises how far they are from her friends in London and everything she is familiar with. But as she gradually makes friends and finds new hobbies she enjoys discovering more about her own link to Flambards. A contemporary sequel to the classic Flambards books by K. M. Peyton.

ISBN 9781788450058 - David Fickling: 2018 - e-book available

cover of the book The key to Flambards

Lily and the Rockets

Rebecca Stevens

If you asked Lily what job she would like, she would say ‘goalkeeper’. But in 1915 women aren’t supposed to play football, so she goes to work in a factory making shells for the war. Then something unexpected happens. With the men away in the trenches women are given an opportunity to take their place on the football pitch, a chance that Lily and her friends seize with both hands. This is a fascinating story based on real events.

ISBN 9781912626120 - Chicken House: 2019

cover of the book Lily and the rockets


Scott Westerfeld

Frey and Rafi are identical twins with very different lives. Rafi is well-known, popular and trained to be her rich and powerful father’s heir. However almost nobody knows that Frey exists. She is Rafi’s body double, designed to seamlessly replace her sister at the first sign of danger. But she is trained in fighting, not diplomacy. So can she fool the neighbouring kingdom that she is her sister when she is sent to them as a hostage? A thrilling adventure that returns to the world of 'Uglies'.

ISBN 9781407188225 - Scholastic: 2018

cover of the book Impostors

Jemima Small versus the Universe

Tamsin Winter

Jemima Small is clever and interesting and loves collecting facts. But most other people just judge her by her size and taunt her with the nickname Jemima Big. Afraid to draw attention to herself she declines an opportunity to take part in a Brainiac quiz in which she could excel. Encouragement from the leader of the school 'Healthy Lifestyle club' leads her to enter the quiz and show everyone the real Jemima. A humorous yet thought-provoking story about being yourself.

ISBN 9781474927284 - Usborne: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book Jemima Small versus the Universe

Updated: 31 October 2019