Cover Story: Thriller

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The Truth About Lies

Tracy Darnton

Jess is able to remember every experience she has had since she was 11, a condition that means she has spent her life being a test subject for scientists. She has finally managed to escape and find a place where she can be anonymous and lead a normal life, but a mysterious death throws the spotlight on her and threatens to betray her to the scientists. Can Jess evade them for long enough to solve the mystery?

ISBN 9781847159489 - Stripes: 2018 - e-book available

cover of the book The truth about lies

The Cradle of all Worlds 

Jeremy Lachlan

When Jane Doe and her father arrived at Bluehaven fourteen years ago the earthquakes began. Blamed ever since for the quakes, Jane and her father are condemned to live a miserable existence as virtual slaves. Now her father has disappeared into The Manor, a mysterious building that supposedly links to other worlds, and Jane knows that it is up to her to rescue him. But what terrors lurk within the Manor’s forbidding walls?

ISBN 9781405291330 - Egmont: 2018 - e-book available

cover of the book The cradle of all worlds

Siege (Special Forces Cadets)

Chris Ryan

Max is desperate for adventure so when he gets the opportunity to join a mysterious new organisation he jumps at the chance. He is soon plunged into gruelling training that stretches his physical and mental abilities to the limit. The prize is to join The Special Forces Cadets, a group of highly trained youngsters who can operate where adults would attract attention. Fast-paced and exciting, the first in a series.

ISBN 9781471407253 - Hot Key: 2019 - e-book available

cover of the book Siege

Updated: 31 October 2019