The Current: Dystopia

Our pick of the best reads in the Dystopia genre.

The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe

Ally Condie

Poe designs deadly armour to protect ships sent from the Outpost in search of gold. It’s her purpose after Call was taken from her, murdered by the Raiders she now kills with her armour. Then the Admiral sends her out, and Poe finds herself trapped on a ship with no idea why she’s there or what she might find further along the river, perilously close to Raider territory.  A fast-paced adventure story about freedom, power and the possibility of new chances.

9780141352947, Penguin: 2019

The Wall

John Lanchester

Every day Kavanagh has to stand guard on the wall which runs around the country, designed to keep out ‘The Others’. The work is isolated, uncomfortable and mind-numbingly tedious, punctuated by brief flashes of terrifying violence, but Kavanagh knows that he cannot afford to let his guard down because if any of ‘The Others’ get in he will be thrown out into the sea outside the wall to fend for himself. A grim and spare dystopian novel.

9780571298730, Faber & Faber: 2019


Clare Rees

A group of teenagers are stuck on the back of a giant jellyfish in the middle of the ocean. As they organise their lives, they plot their escape and crucially try to remember what terrible events have led them to being stranded there.  A unique and strange vision of life on earth after an ecological apocalypse.

9781912626298, Chicken House: 2019

Updated: 9 May 2020