The Current: Mystery and the supernatural

Our pick of the best reads in the Mystery and supernatural genre.

My Secret Lies with You

Faye Bird

A tedious holiday in Wales takes a promising turn for Cait when she meets the boy next door and his group of friends. But as she gets to know them intriguing questions begin to emerge. What happened with a girl they met last summer that affected them all so deeply? And do they know anything about the recent disappearance of a local girl? Cait’s curiosity forces buried tensions in the group to the surface and threatens to pull them apart.

9781474958240, Usborne: 2019

The Stolen Ones

Vanessa Curtis

1956: Inge’s settled life with her family in post-war Munich is turned upside down when a mysterious stranger turns up at her house. What she tells Inge starts her on a search that leads back into Germany’s dark Nazi past and a growing realisation that her entire life has been built on lies. This intriguing mystery reveals how the aftermath of the Second World War lasted long beyond 1945.

9781474915038, Usborne: 2019

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson

A man was imprisoned for the notorious murder of a local schoolgirl, but Pippa knew the accused and cannot believe he was capable of murder. When she starts to research the crime for a school project she discovers facts that cast doubt on the original verdict. However, it seems that someone is trying to prevent her revealing the truth. Does this mean that the murderer is still at large? Pippa turns detective to try to find out what really happened.

9781405293181, Electric Monkey: 2019

Catching Teller Crow

Ambelin & Ezekiel Kwaymullina

Beth Teller is dead. Her father, a detective, can still hear her but is paralysed by grief. She is hoping that a mysterious death he has been sent to investigate will be a simple distraction for him. But when he interviews the girl who is the sole witness she reveals a dark and disturbing story at the heart of her community, tainted by racism. Shining a light on the treatment of Aboriginal people in Australia, this is a unique mystery.

9780241380079, Penguin: 2019

Perfectly Preventable Deaths

Deirdre Sullivan

Ballyfrann is a village in the Irish mountains with a history of strange goings-on. Teenage girls keep disappearing and only bits of them are ever found. Newcomers Maddy and Catlin have other things on their mind, like Catlin’s burgeoning relationship with a local boy and Maddy’s discovery of some unexpected things about herself. But Ballyfrann doesn’t plan to leave them in peace for long. Superstition, horror and some great characters make for a gripping read.

9781471408236, Hot Key: 2019

Updated: 9 May 2020