The Current: Relationships

Our pick of the best reads in the Relationships genre.

Furious Thing

Jenny Downham

Do your monster. Angry. Irrational. Violent. Uncontrollable. Lex is all these things. It makes her soon-to-be-stepdad hate her and her mum despair. Lex tries to be good, and quiet, and clever, and pretty, but she can’t ever be golden like the rest of the family. She’ll certainly never be good enough for her stepbrother to fall in love with her. But sometimes anger is justified; and sometimes the only way to stop a bully is to unleash your monster.

9781788450980, David Fickling: 2019

We are not Okay

Natalia Gomes

Four very different girls at Birchwood High have one thing in common. Each one is facing a personal crisis that threatens to overwhelm them. They need support and sympathy but instead they get swallowed up by the merciless toxic culture of the school with its whirling undercurrents of gossip and bullying. Disaster looms. An all-too-believable look at the unbearable social pressures faced by some teenagers.

9780008291846, HQ: 2019

Daisy Jones & the Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones and the Six were everywhere. Rich, famous rock’n’roll stars, nothing could go wrong - until they split after one fateful concert. This book tells the story of what happened in the words of the band members – and Daisy Jones herself. A look at love, life and the 70s, through the words of a fictional band that feels intimately real.

9781787462144, Arrow: 2019

Scars Like Wings

Erin Stewart

A year after the fire that killed her parents and left Ava Lee with massively disfiguring scars, she has agreed to try school again, with conditions. She is prepared to endure being treated like a freak for two weeks but then she plans to retreat back into the safety of her solitary life. Piper has other ideas, however, and with her encouragement Ava begins to blossom. But is Piper’s friendship too good to be true?

9781471179693, Simon & Schuster: 2019

On the Come Up

Angie Thomas

This second novel by the author of bestselling ‘The Hate U give’ returns to the experiences of young Black Americans with the story of talented rapper Bri and her struggle to overcome the many obstacles in her way and find success without compromising her integrity. Sprinkled with rap lyrics, this is insightful, nuanced and never ‘worthy’.

9781406372168, Walker: 2019

The Collective

Lindsey Whitlock

Elwyn has always been happy growing up in the isolated rural community of Badfish Creek but lately he has become restless and is determined to discover what the wider world has to offer. What he finds in the town of Liberty seems at first to be unimagined wealth and sophistication. But appearances can be deceptive and when Badfish Creek comes under threat Elwyn is soon forced to re-examine where his loyalties really lie. A fascinating story about clashing cultures.

9781782692171, Pushkin: 2019

Updated: 14 May 2020