The Current: Romance

Our pick of the best reads in the Romance genre.

Serious Moonlight

Jenn Bennett

Birdie’s first job working the night shift at the historic Cascadia hotel is a chance to escape from her sheltered existence and prove herself. But her plans seem doomed from the start when she discovers that a fellow employee is Daniel, a boy she dated briefly and disastrously. Luckily Daniel seems more interested in enlisting Birdie’s help to solve a mystery about one of the guests. A heart-warming romance with a dash of mystery and some quirky characters.

9781471180729, Simon and Schuster: 2019

The Places I've Cried in Public

Holly Bourne

When her family moves home, Amelie starts a new sixth form. Missing old friends, she throws herself into a new social circle and becomes smitten when she meets notorious bad-boy Reese, falling for his romantic gestures. Soon he becomes possessive, yet she doesn’t heed new friends who warn her against his motives. After his controlling behaviour escalates, a devastated and tearful Amelie tries to work out what happened by revisiting places where she cried in public.

9781474949521, Usborne: 2019

Call it What you Want

Brigid Kemmerer

Rob was universally popular and respected at school. Maegan was always a grade A student. But circumstances (and bad choices) have turned them both into social pariahs.  Thrown together on a school project, the two outcasts find unexpected support as they try to steer through their messy home and school lives. An emotional story about friendship and not being defined by mistakes.

9781526605344, Bloomsbury: 2019


Meredith Russo

Since they were born on the same day Morgan and Eric have been inseparable. Their families have grown up together, but now Eric feels like he’s losing his best friend and Morgan has a secret too terrifying to share but too important not to. Told through the events of their birthdays for 7 years, this sweet and heart-achingly tender coming-of-age romance faces tragedy, trauma and finding each other even when you can’t find yourself

9781474967419, Usborne: 2019

Under a Dancing Star

Laura Wood

In I930s England, Bea’s family expect her to marry well to secure the future of their estate. But Bea craves adventure and romance so she jumps at the chance to spend the summer with her unconventional uncle in Italy. When she meets the handsome arrogant Ben sparks fly. But war is looming over Europe and Bea knows she needs to go home to England so mustn’t fall in love... must she? An unusual re-telling of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.

9781407192406, Scholastic: 2019

Updated: 9 May 2020