The Current: Social media

Our pick of the best reads in the social media genre.

The Burning

Laura Bates

After something personal about her was posted online, making her a target for bullies, Anna and her mother move to Scotland, hoping for a quiet life. But her past is exposed and the bullying begins again. Then during a school local history project, she reads of a young girl who was branded a witch after ill-treatment by the laird’s son, and realises that throughout time vulnerable females have been badly treated by unscrupulous men. A chilling and timely tale.

9781471170201, Simon and Schuster: 2019


Tom Pollock

Amy is a big star on Heartstream, a social media platform that allows her followers to not just see what she does but also to experience her emotions. But did she go too far by allowing them to experience her mother’s terminal illness and death? Cat is secretly dating a famous musician. Will her life be in danger if his more obsessive followers discover her identity? Set in the near future, this is a fast-paced thriller about the unintended consequences of technology.

 9781406378184, Walker: 2019

Updated: 9 May 2020