The Current: Thriller

Our pick of the best reads in the Thriller genre.

Two Can Keep A Secret

Karen McManus

The dead body that Ellery and Ezra Corcoran encounter when they arrive in Echo Ridge is just the beginning. Their mother’s old home town turns out to have a dark past which looks like it may have come back with a vengeance. Can Ellery solve the mysteries of the Homecoming Queens and prevent tragedy happening again? A creepy page-turner about the sinister side of small-town America.

9780141375656, Penguin: 2019

Arctic Zoo

Robert Muchamore

Julius’ lifestyle is privileged and wealthy because his family holds powerful positions in the Nigerian state. However, he has little freedom and so seeks refuge by hiding in a derelict zoo with his friend. In England, Georgia is a bright student, certain to follow her sister’s footsteps to become a doctor until her world is shattered by her sister’s suicide. A thriller in which two teenagers from different backgrounds, coping with different issues, meet in a mental health establishment.

9781471407666, Hot Key: 2019

Updated: 9 May 2020