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Locally listed buildings

A locally listed building (also known as a ‘Building of Townscape Merit’) is a building or structure which is not statutorily listed, but is recognised for its significance to the history and character of the local environment.

How buildings are chosen

Buildings of any type or age can be locally listed, even if they have been recently constructed.

Most locally listed buildings are found in one of our conservation areas and demolition of such a building will require planning permission.

Where a locally listed building is not within a conservation area, an applicant would need to ask for prior approval before any demolition takes place.

Download a full list of locally listed buildings (pdf, 2.2 MB). The Teddington Society's Planning Group is working with the History Group to assemble a Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTMs) and Listed Buildings in Teddington.

We identify locally listed buildings by:

  • Monitoring plan policies
  • Survey work
  • Conservation area reviews

For more information about Buildings of Townscape Merit, see the supplementary planning document (pdf, 895 KB)

Consultation on proposed Buildings of Townscape Merit

The Council considers that the following buildings/structure are worthy of being included in our local list of Buildings of Townscape Merit. A description for each building/structure including a map and photographs is available:

The consultation takes place from Friday 1 October to Monday 18 October 2021. The Council has notified the owners of the above structures/buildings. All comments should be submitted preferably by email to or alternatively by post to:

Conservation and Urban Design
LB Richmond upon Thames
Civic Centre
44 York Street
Twickenham TW1 3BZ

Comments will not be treated as confidential and must be received no later than Monday 18 October 2021.

A final decision on whether to designate the above structures/buildings will be taken by the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee at its meeting on 17 November 2021.

Permitted development

Normal permitted development rights are not affected if a building is locally listed.

We may consider making an Article 4 Direction if minor types of external development could threaten the character of a locally listed building. This means you would need planning permission before you could carry out development.

Updated: 01 October 2021