European Passport Return Service

This service enables EEA applicants who are applying for Permanent Residence or Qualified Person status to keep hold of their passports while their application is considered.

About this service

If you are a European Economic Area (EEA) applicant or a family member applying for Permanent Residence or Qualified Person status, the European Passport Return Service will allow you to keep your passport in your possession while your application is being considered.

Please note, we can only certify a valid passport. Identity cards are not accepted.

This service does not provide any advice or checks to ensure that your form is completed correctly, nor does it guarantee the success of your application.

There is a fee of £20 for the European Passport Return Service.  Further postage fees will also be payable.

How to apply

This service is available at our office on Mondays and Thursdays only, using a booked timeslot system.

Book an appointment

After making your appointment, complete the relevant form on the GOV.UK website:

Important note: there must be no more than 10 working days between the date you submit your online form and the date of your appointment.

Your appointment

Come to our office at your appointed time, bringing with you:

  • a printed copy of your online submitted application
  • a completed checklist (which you will receive once you complete your online application)
  • your current passport
  • all original supporting documents (the documents you need are listed in the guidance notes for each application form)
  • two passport-sized photographs of each applicant taken within the last month
  • a completed additional checklist (pdf, 13 KB) for each applicant detailing documents you are sending

All applicants over 15 years and six months old must attend the office in person.

What happens next

We will copy your current passport, certify the copy and send all other original documents to the Home Office on your behalf.

The Home Office may contact you for further information after your application has been submitted.


There is a fee of £20 for the European Passport Return Service.

In addition we will need to make a further charge for postage:

  • up to 500g – £8
  • up to 750g £10 
  • up to 1kg – £12
  • up to 2kg – £14
  • up to 10kg £30
  • up to 20kg £50

Further advice

Any queries regarding your application should be referred to the Home Office as we are not able to give any immigration advice.

If you have any further enquiries about our service, email us at


Updated: 9 January 2019